The Top 10 Fashion Trends That Defined 2020 The Top 10 Fashion Trends That Defined 2020

The Top 10 Fashion Trends That Defined 2020

Forget Fashion Week Street Style trends, there were hardly any streets to walk this year. 2020 has understandably subverted the industry’s typical trend forecasting (Constricting oversized belts? Were we ever so young and naive?). Where many of 2020’s predicted fashion trends don't feel quite right for a life of time spent at home while social distancing, COVID-19 precautions have acted as a catalyst for a plethora of unexpected trends. 

Ahead, we’ve listed the top fashion trends that have defined this past year. From the strawberry dress made famous on Tik Tok to the ubiquitous cropped cardigan, see the ten items you’ve most definitely considered adding to your closet.

1. Tie-Dye 

Before the sourdough baking craze, before the Tik Tok’s whipped coffee trend, and long before we would start watching celebrities do life script readings via Zoom, the OG quarantine trend was DIYIng your own tie-dye gear. From white t-shirts to sweatsuit sets, nothing was safe from the huge comeback this colorful trend experienced.

2. Mask Accessories

Something we could have never predicted back in March? That personalized masks would become so prevalent. Thanks to the shortage of N95 masks and medical professionals needing all the surgical masks they could find, the general public began sewing their own masks with fun fabrics from local craft shops. The latest attempts at personalizing necessary face coverings include matching scrunchie sets, and chain straps embellished with pearls, beads, and ribbons.

3. The Strawberry Dress

So big, this dress deserves its own category. The Strawberry Dress was the trend heard ‘round the Tik Tok world. Lirika Matoshi’s tulle, tea-length dress featuring sweet strawberry embellishments achieved fame at the height of the popular cottagecore aesthetic. It also now has a coordinating strawberry face mask that we would wear with or  without the dress.

4. Sweatsuit Sets

All hail the savior of 2020, the sweatsuit set. It’s a true sign of the times that a hoodie and sweats were just about everyone’s wardrobe staple this past year. From elastic waistbands to raglan sleeves, they provided the necessary comfort to move from your bed, to your makeshift work desk, to your couch, and eventually back to your bed again.

5. The New Go-Go Boots

If there was one FW20 fashion week trend that remained, it was the knee high go-go boot. The revamped ‘60s shoe comes in all shapes and sizes from animal prints to chunky soles and leather. With winter at our heels, a tall boot feels like the most practical trend you can buy into.

6. Nap Dresses

Another quarantine staple, the nap dress has seen a wave of increased popularity thanks to stay-at-home orders. Also known as house dresses, these linen or cotton frocks are loose and breathable ensuring all-day comfort.

7. Cropped Cardigans and Bra Top Sets

Ever since Katie Holmes sparked a frenzy in a Khaite cashmere bra and cardigan set, knit sets have been climbing the ranks. Over the past year, influencers and celebrities alike have been spotted in pastel-colored, rosebud-embellished sweaters, matching bra top included.

8. Checkered Prints

I blame this Pj set from Holiday The Label for sparking the checkered frenzy that took over your Instagram feed at the tail end of summer. Fall in line with your own checked loungewear set.

9. Slouchy Denim 

Not quite flares, not quite JNCOs, but somewhere in the middle. Slouchy denim has taken the crown as this year’s premiere denim trend. Chalk it up to them being roomier to lounge around in, but we’re just happy something is finally dethroning our restrictive skinny jeans.

10. Tennis Skirts 

Pleated mini skirts have become a Gen-Z staple since they’re easy to thrift or find on resale sites. The retro silhouette has inspired thousands of “How To Style” videos on Tik Tok, but it’s main partner in crime is usually an oversized graphic tee or a tight fitting polo that keeps it from looking too schoolgirl inspired.