14 Gifts To Surprise & Delight Your Trickiest Valentine 14 Gifts To Surprise & Delight Your Trickiest Valentine

14 Gifts To Surprise & Delight Your Trickiest Valentine

If your approach to this gifting season feels slightly different, welcome to the club. Between the uncertainties of what holiday get togethers will (or won’t) look like, and everyone’s wants, needs, and priorities doing a 180, it’s tough to decipher what kind of presents our loved ones will be hoping for. If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that this year's best gifts will be ones that provide comfort and create some additional headspace to navigate the bizarre and stressful demands of 2020.

1. For: Your Boozy Brunch Girlfriends

Wine-o-clock is now appropriate at any hour as far as we’re concerned. Keep your gal pals focused during their prolonged work from home duties with a gadget that curbs those post-happy hour headaches.

2. For: Your Online Workout Trainer

There has never been a better time to embrace finding your chakra. They’ve helped you find yours during quarantine, now help them find there’s.

3. For: Your College Aged Brother

A new take on the vape trend. This mini diffuser is filled with a blend of serotonin-inducing essential oils like fennel and vanilla.

4. For: Your Homebody Friends

Whether this is their first weighted blanket or their fifth, this year has already proven one can never have too many to hide under.

5. For: Your Fashion-Forward Best Friend 

Comfort trumps all else this year. Say it with a cozy loungewear set.

6. For: Your Fashiony Best Guy Friend

He dresses better than anyone you know and really misses showing off his sneaker collection—cheerful socks it is.

7. Your Mom Who Really Needs To Bring Her Beauty Routine Into The 21st Century

Contribute to her at-home spa set with this best-selling facial ice roller that alleviates tension while assisting with circulation.

8. For: Your Work Wife

Despite the Zoom meeting marathon you just spent hours on together, you still miss them a butt-load.

9. For: Your High-Powered, On-the-Go Mother-In-Law

Add this energy boost to a tall glass of almond milk or a veggie-packed smoothie and feel the anxiety fade away thanks to the product’s stress-reducing adaptogens.

10. For: Your Cousin Whose Apartment Looks Like An Architectural Digest Cover

We could all use a big dose of comfort this year. How about a few candles that will double as gorgeous home decor?

11. For: Your Dad Who’s The Next Top Chef

He’ll feel like a mad scientist in the kitchen — the best way possible — with this set of six sriracha blends, from black truffle and smoked maple miso teriyaki sriracha and beyond.

12. For: Your Stressed Out Self

Beauty sleep is hard to come by in a world that’s constantly spiking our anxiety. Give your snooze hour a boost with a sleeping mask that replenishes your skin overnight.

13. For: Your High Maintenance, But Hilarious, Aunt

Breakfast in bed? Try champagne on the couch. Let them tell their S.O., kids, or roommate, exactly what they need whenever the desire arises.

14. For: Your Grandma and Pop Pop

This fancy hand wash is pleasing to look at and gentle on the skin. It’s extra-moisturizing too with ingredients like Vitamin E and soothing essential oils.