10 Cult-Favorite Beauty Products That Have Stood The Test Of Time 10 Cult-Favorite Beauty Products That Have Stood The Test Of Time

10 Cult-Favorite Beauty Products That Have Stood The Test Of Time

Every season, beauty trends come and go (remember the short-lived reign of unicorn makeup?) but certain products — much like the LBD and quality denim — truly never go out of style. We’re talking about the top-selling hair, makeup, and skin-care products that are truly timeless, and have firmly cemented themselves as perennial cult-favorites.

With almost 2020 done and dusted, we've taken a look back at the most popular products of the past year and beyond: From Nars' best selling Orgasm Blush to Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Wrap, meet the squad of products that are coveted 365 days a year, and who consistently hold their own against even the shiniest, buzziest new launches. Here, we take a deep dive into the inductees of our unofficial (but also, extremely official) beauty product hall of fame.

1. Launched: 1977

According to beauty lore (and confirmed by a Benefit spokesperson), the famous cherry-red Benetint was created for an exotic dancer in the 1970s as a “nipple shade enhancer.” Nowadays, the stuff mainly makes its way to lips and cheeks — although no shame in getting creative, right?

2. Launched: June 2013

The origin story of Too Faced's now-iconic frosted pink tube goes as follows: Co-founder Jarrod Blandino reportedly was so shook at a lab sample of the final formula that he joyfully exclaimed, "It's better than sex!" While it doesn't quite beat the big O, it's no wonder that the tube of the lengthening, thickening formula has become one of the most popular mascaras around.

3. Launched: 1999

MAC's iconic tube of red lipstick to end all other red lipsticks has been going strong for two decades. The vivid, blue-red bullet is M·A·C's best-selling shade in the US, with seven tubes being sold every minute worldwide.

4. Launched: 2008

Call it the Cara Delevingne effect, but if there's one thing that's in everyone's makeup bag, it's a brow product — and likely this one. Founder Anastasia Soare's hero product, a little-known brow pencil aptly called Brow Wiz, has become one of the most beloved, top-reviewed products in history, with YouTube beauty gurus and makeup artists alike singing its praises.

5. Launched: 1999

Maybe it's the salacious name, or maybe, just maybe it's the shimmery, peachy-pink hue that suggests a post-romp glow that has fans begging the brand for more (which they dutifully oblige). In the 25 years since it originally launched, it's been lauded as the top-selling prestige blush in the U.S., according to market research firm The NPD Group.

6. Launched: 1999

The super gentle face cleanser is easy on even the most sensitive of skin types, yet tough enough to remove makeup. Basically, it's the best of both worlds.

7. Launched: 2015

We dare you to name a more frequently name-checked hair salon product than Olaplex. Seriously — the brand has become so popular, it's since expanded into hair oils and shampoo. However, it's their bond-building treatment that takes the cake, offering an at-home solution to repairing disulfide bonds in the hair that are damaged as a result of frequent color services or heat damage.

8. Launched: Summer 2016

Tarte's most iconic product revolutionized everything we thought we knew about concealers. (According to the brand, one is sold every 12 seconds.) Often imitated yet never replicated, the creamy liquid formula has amassed a dedicated fan base thanks to its longwear and skin-smoothing properties.

9. Launched: September 2016

When Dyson unveiled the Supersonic all the way back in 2016, the hair industry changed as we know it. While there are more Amazon knockoffs of the British brand's iconic wind tunnel design than we can count, nothing beats the original; it feels lightweight yet delivers a powerful, fast-drying stream of air with no extreme heat.

10. Launched: 2010

Ready to feel old? We're going on a decade since the OG Urban Decay Naked palette came into our lives. The iconic neutral eyeshadow palette has since then inspired six full-size offshoots (plus mini versions of Heat and Naked 2). Sadly, you can no longer buy the original Naked palette, but the latest addition to the lineup, Naked Honey, takes things to new, gilded gold heights.