A Matching Sweatsuit For Every Day of the Week A Matching Sweatsuit For Every Day of the Week

A Matching Sweatsuit For Every Day of the Week

Athleisure as a style movement is no new trend. Leggings are a closet staple and cool bunched joggers even more so. But now it’s time to give way to the matching sweatsuit, a 2020 hero. 

To say we were ready to fully embrace the sweatsuit as our daily uniform is putting it mildly. This year's stay-at-home orders finally gave us the ability to do, sans any underdressed shame. Though what started as celebrities endorsing Entireworld sets and traditional hoodies has evolved into more varied designs. From the inclusion of shorts to an explosion tie-dye, see the seven matching sweatsuits that will get you through every day of the week.

1. Monday

Start your workweek off on the right foot with your most fashion-forward set.

2. Tuesday: Keep up the “dressed up” momentum with this cotton terry fleece duo.

3. Wednesday

Make your midweek errands look chic with a sweatsuit that looks just as good with sneakers as it does house slippers.

4. Thursday

Celebrate the simple fact that you’ve almost made it through yet another workweek with a fun tie-dye print.

5. Friday

Casual Fridays may now be an every day event, but you can still shake it up with a set you’ll be proud of even after the quarantine era is over.

6. Saturday

Whether you make a real go of it or not, you can at least trick your mind into believing a productive weekend workout is happening with a functional sweat suit.

7. Sunday

Keep your Sunday as cozy as possible by rolling out of, and back into, bed in a pajama-approved set.