15 Cozy Essentials For Your Home 15 Cozy Essentials For Your Home

15 Cozy Essentials For Your Home

’Tis the season for feeling comfy and cozy. If there’s a time of year we’re most likely to embrace the term “basic,” it’s during the early winter months. Between pumpkin spice lattes, dusting off our fireplaces, and snuggling up with a good book, there’s a lot to love about the sweater weather season.

In honor of the chilly temperatures that are fast arriving, we’ve rounded up 15 home accents that will turn your space into a cozy oasis. Seriously, you'll never want to leave the house again (a good thing since it may still be awhile until we can). It’s time to bundle up with a knitted blanket and brew a batch of hot toddies. We may as well close out the garbage fest that was 2020 by making ourselves as comfortable at home as possible.

1. Forget piling on useless throw blankets. Invest in the cozy motherlode - a heated blanket. This micro fleece version runs in sizes from a full to a king so there’s plenty of room to share.

2. The perfect decor addition if your year was bereft of hayride and pumpkin picking traditions.

3. Turn your home into an après-ski getaway with this miniature fondue set. Load a platter with your favorite accompanying sweet or savory treats before popping on a classic holiday film.

4. Combat your chilly tile, linoleum, or hardwood floors with a pair of plushy sherpa booties.

5. If your apartment doesn’t feature a built in fireplace, you can still recreate a cozy atmosphere with a portable mini fireplace. It’s also food safe so feel free to grab a few marshmallows and roast up some holiday s’mores.

6. With all of the winter themed mugs you’re likely stacking up on, you’ll need a fun way to store them. Bring the outdoors in with this tree shaped mug holder.

7. Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, a pre-made hot toddy mix; name your preferred winter drink of choice. All-Clad's meticulously crafted stainless-steel kettle will help your beverage come together in style.

8. Spruce up your living room with a pair of warm-hued velvet throw pillows. They’ll make your couch that much more inviting for your Hallmark holiday movie marathons.

9. Instantly transform any room into a peaceful and relaxing environment. This salt table lamp emits a soft warm glow to help put you at ease.

10. Aptly named “the napper,” this blanket lives up to its name and hype. The cotton knitted throw is an ideal companion for those midday naps.

11. You know that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from sitting in an outdoor cafe adorned with string lights? Here’s an easy way to replicate some of that same magic indoors.

12. We’d be hard pressed to find a single person who wouldn’t enjoy the feeling of a fluffy shag rug beneath their feet.

13. The name says it all. Invoke the slow and languid atmosphere of a lazy Sunday morning with this fragrant candle.

14. Few things are cozier than being all wrapped up in an oversized teddy bear robe.

15. Let this kit do all the work for you. All you need is a shot of whiskey and some steaming hot water.